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“Navigating China’s evolving food industry with partnerships that don’t stop at the border”



Our Mission


Simple: to enable our principals and supply partners to realize profitable, sustainable growth in China’s transforming food consumption markets. 


 Our Approach

Dedicated, flexible and profitable food sales solutions in China. 


Proven multi channel sales accesS

We cover all major sales channels across wholesale, further processing, foodservice including restaurants & hotel chains, and modern retail (online and offline).


Focused disintermediation

We optimize margin allocations by evaluating our products route to market and removing unnecessary intermediaries.


Keeping score

We believe that our success must be measured in the context of our supply partners performance in China. This means that working with us must ultimately earn our principals and suppliers more money than not working with us. We welcome this challenge to prove our value through quantified comparative analysis.


Turnkey solutions

Our in-house capabilities cover all supply-chain services including logistics, customs clearance, label & document management as well as branding, sales and marketing allowing us to offer highly flexible market participation options to our supply partners.


In-house market research and analytics

Our dedicated research team continuously tracks market and price trends, competitor activities and regulatory updates which guide our sales strategies and form the basis for customized reporting to our supply partners.


In-house risk management

Our understanding of global and local supply chain stakeholders as well as the regulatory environment allows us to effectively mitigate and manage risks.



In China’s transforming food industry, we are constantly listening to our customer’s requirements and validating new business models, product formats as well as marketing and communication solutions.


Our Advantages

Our value proposition consists of the following attributes:


Market Proximity

Working with us allows our supply partners to better understand and navigate the rapidly evolving Chinese imported food market landscape.



We provide actionable suggestions to enable our supply partners to offer the most suitable articles and specifications to the Greater China markets.


Product development

We seek close communication and information exchange with our supply partners including on-site production visits to allow effective understanding of specifications and market requirements in Greater China.


Market feedback & insights

We guarantee timely market feedback and insights in the context of the dynamic and transforming consumer needs in China.


Channel development

We develop structural and sustainable demand from relevant Chinese stakeholders through proactive customer engagement, promotions as well as sampling.



                     We are proud to be working with some of the world’s leading food companies that set the global benchmark in best-in-class         quality, food safety and process management systems. 




Our service scope allows us to offer flexible cooperation models that enable customized market participation in China.


Product focus

ESB’s core expertise focusses on the following imported food categories:



– Commodity cuts
– Premium cuts
– By-products and offals



– Muscle cuts
– By-products and offals



– Chicken, turkey, duck
– Various wing cuts
– By-products
– Feet & paws – processed



– Farmed fish & aquaculture
– Wild catch
– Fish, shellfish, molluscs, other



– Industrial cheese products
– UHT milk
– Butter



– French Fries for foodservice
– Croquettes
– Specialties
– Potato snacks


animal proteiN

– Buffalo
– Horse
– Game
– Sheep / mutton


Coming soon…

– Snack foods
– Health foods
– Novel foods


Distribution &
sales network

Geographical coverage of all major markets
in Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Access to year-round structural demand from a
highly-diversified customer base across all major provinces.

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sales access




Our principals & brands

Our value-added sales activities link internationally recognized food companies with the Chinese market place.




Our teams are made up of people from diverse backgrounds. Besides Chinese & Cantonese, our team members speak English, German and Spanish.
We are committed to continuously invest in the development of our people, and in upholding a positive work environment that is driven by delivering excellence, fairness and openness.


Our Management


Nicolas Stöckert
Founder & Managing Director

Nicolas has been living and working in China since 2005. After having gathered experience in the Chinese market with companies such as Linde and Siemens, he engaged in various cross-border business development projects. In 2009 he initiated sales and distribution activities for Agrarfrost GmbH & Co. KG (, the German market leader for frozen potato products. The addition of new leading suppliers and expansion of sales activities since then have led to the establishment of ESB Holdings Ltd. in Hong Kong, and its subsequent subsidiaries.

Nicolas is a German native and holds a BA degree from Davidson College in NC (USA) as well as a Master of Arts degree (merit) from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He speaks English, German, and Mandarin and lives in Shanghai with his wife Melanie and their two children.


Benedikt Stöckert
Managing Director
(Finance & Business Development)

Benedikt joined the ESB team in 2012 responsible for Finance, Strategy & Business Development. Prior to ESB, he worked for a Singapore based e-commerce venture ( in South East Asia after having spent years as Managing Director of a technology start-up in Germany. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Benedikt consulted European mid-cap companies as a Senior Associate for Mummert&Company, a Munich based corporate finance specialist.

Benedikt is a German native and holds a degree (honours) in Economics & International Business Administration from Cologne and Copenhagen Business School.


Our AdvIsory BOARD


Michael Gerling

Michael Gerling has decades of experience in the fast food retail industry in Europe. He worked for McDonald’s from 1973 and became Vice President of McDonald’s Europe in 2003 as well as its Chief Supply Chain Officer. During his time at McDonald’s Mr. Gerling managed the company’s development in Germany, and also oversaw the development of the European supply infrastructure and the development of McDonald’s Russia. He is currently an independent business consultant and Board member of Ehrmann AG Oberschönegg (


Xavier Naville

Xavier Naville is the founder of Creative Food ( a key supplier to major China restaurant chains. He took it from a start-up to 8 factories and 4 farms in mainland China with turnover of about US$50M and 1.000+ employees. It served 2.500 foodservice outlets everyday with chilled or frozen foods. If you ate at Starbucks, Costa, KFC, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut in China, chances are you have eaten Creative Food’s salads, soups or sandwiches. Xavier sold the company to a leading UK listed food company ( and vacated the CEO position in 2011 in order to focus on personal goals and advisory work.


Dr. Reinhard Kaeppel

Dr. Kaeppel’s professional experience and expertise cover the complete supply chain of food, from agricultural production to the final customer. The major part of his professional career he spent with McDonald’s, most of the time as Head of Quality Assurance for Europe, based in Germany and the USA.

Dr. Kaeppel is currently an independent business consultant for well-known companies in food manufacturing and retail, as well as companies and organizations in the area of agricultural production. He also covers the technical due diligence for financial investment institutions. Besides his Consulting Business, Dr. Kaeppel was the Managing Director of OVO Cert GmbH, a Certification Body based in Bonn, Germany, with business activities in China. Dr Kaeppel is working closely with ESB on executing its proprietary food safety and quality assurance programs.