Are you interested in helping build the future of food supply chains in China's transforming >US$1TN food industry?
Are you passionate about sales, marketing, food safety and quality?
If so, you've come to the right place.




We're a young and growing dynamic company - made up of sales and procurement specialists, branding and marketing experts as well as logistics professionals and entrepreneurs - who are passionate about what we do.



Current Job Opportunities




Job Description

- Development of new accounts, sales channels, new demand to grow sales, and distribution partners
- Represent brand in domestic and international food exhibition
- Continuously researching and contacting customers and market information 





Job Description
- Data collection through secondary and selective primary research
- Monitor specific market/product price trends and create price forecast
- Prepare specified parts of deliverables e.g. reports in word or PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet




Business Development manager

Job Description
- Identify and deliver growth opportunities. Provide external and internal business environment analysis and project feasibility analysis
- Develop category expansion and business model rationalization (distribution and market coverage enhancement, channels etc)
- Take project management and incubation responsibility for initiatives




Individual development

We strongly believe in promoting and supporting individual excellence and leadership ability within all our team members to handle the professional interaction with leading international companies and producers we work with.

Opinions welcome

We expect and value opinions and input from all team members. You will have the chance to participate in building our vision and managing the execution of our business strategy and grow together with us and our partners.


Working with leading food companies and navigating the dynamic Chinese food markets is demanding and requires special skill sets and problem-solving abilities. Learn to challenge yourself in a multi-cultural context within China’s fast-growing imported food industry.

Mutually beneficial objectives

We strive to align our company goals with the personal targets of our employees, including personal growth and healthy work-life balance.

Freedom to operate

We believe in empowering our people and providing them with the necessary trust and support to be guided by their character strengths, rather than by corporate rules & regulations only.


We seek to make learning, further education and the continuous exposure to new ideas and innovative solutions an intrinsic part of the ESB experience.

Our Company


ESB is a German-managed fast-growing sales and marketing company for imported food and beverage products. Our suppliers include top international food producers that offer unique, highest quality products for the industry, wholesale, food service and retail channels in China. Our approach to our brands and products positioning is strategic, long-term, and results-driven with an emphasis on developing sales solutions across the entire Greater China markets. We are constantly seeking additional talent to accelerate and upgrade our business in China.


Our values


As a German-managed SME, we are proud to live by our core ESB principles & values:


Be positive

Positive energy and attitude fosters creativity, curiosity and innovation, a key catalyst that we look for in recruitment


Keep it simple

We work within complex, ever-changing and digitally enhanced environments. As such we value direct, purposeful and short communication style, and the ability to remove unnecessary barriers to addressing the real issues or challenges at hand

Be humble

We see modesty and respect for others as a key cornerstone of our organization


Our company development philosophy is based on sustainable, healthy growth and long-term planning,
with a unwavering commitment to quality and continuous learning.

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